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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  February 25, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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lou:. >> to a fourth thoht to those who weigh in have a clue? welcome to everybody i am neil cavuto sd the shall address themselves? marketing everything we eat because we don't know what we each. what is 80 me they are not changi labels but not very big to provide the labels that they screwed up. now docrs say not so fast.
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that cup of coffee is loaded with anti-oxintshat are good for you just like whole milk kids would get fat but it turns out low-fat is indulging in the junk food. go figure. now to just a little salt could do you in. and chocolate apparently is loaded with enough in oxins. anti-oxidants. are urging caution when the government comes cracking dow they are at it again the white house set for a major food standard overhaul to force manufacturers to relabel everything from cereal to microwav popcond everything else.
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leave aside that expes find it is no longer giant food but not a whole grain. this wl keep them busy. to you think the f could save the botched it label? maybe all cigarettes are not the problem. maybe not doing it endangers america with those rigorous standards stopping things that work can csting those who want to work and who wantto eat and eat and who want to live a better life without being dictated to wiih every facet of their lives. with the chang being plant
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you have to complete the reconfigure 1600 vding machines since many have posed i said i would personallytand guard as he reconfigures b it is good to have yo it will cost to a lot of money ha to factor this out ? image as the vending machin will be over $1 million does it ilude the waiters who have the orders to tell how man calories? it is out of control. neil: what about the vending machine? >> to explain h much nutrients wi every item that you sell. if it is said bag of chips
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is says howmany calories or salt or sugar. and then to throw off will hold information board i don'know what to do. neil: if they get peanut butter cups they know that it is not a low-calorie snacks item. but the govement says people are confused but if you don't grasp that you are an india. i will not spend billions of doars to educate y to make you not eat it.
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but to clarify a you are about to take out of that cp machine is not a salad spinner exactly. it is a snap machine. they wanted a cocolate bar or a bag of chips. that is what they will have. weill not change their eating habits by giving more information in. neil: so if people saw the calorie count then they might think twice. >> they take on the little guy. why not the big guy? le them do this but the calorie count on labeling instead of the machine?
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neil: they can absorb it but it's you could get the alfalfa samba from the machine? but you can. thank you very much. neil: by the way they do not have alfalfa us nec machines. i know t heart is in the righplace but it is the government of overdoing it? >> i know we all want to lose weight from time to time. to right have healthy cobook for my doctor? i don't tu to the federal government to look at the pyramid for advice. the marketplace that voluntarilyy provide information for years and
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goodnformation does not necessarily equate into good choices. neil: we are better informed to eaters but we are better informed >> i am not sure are better informed and given the record with respect to the rolloutthis has the pontial for disaster for average americans. the nanny state science it is not exact. said years ago it was bad now it is good. i am n sure people in ne of stable but take some personal responsibility. neil: what is t vice food today? growing up awas trans fats bu because of t change.
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i could never keep track to remember my italian grandmotherho wasthe big believer everything was fair game. and she had t eighth grade education but understood life. >> everything in moderation. don't sout of the deserts of. neil: don't go crazy. >> the usda and regulations are up for review in 2015 so they are sitting down and it is not just nutritional value but are we providing green fruit, sustainable food it is allorts of areas from snapple or food stamps to use school luhes , military, a prison, a blighted ranging implication. neil: petri botched on a san
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butter and coffee but we have to revise the lals but ey just find new labels. >> well looks good jay may not look good tomorr. viewdata label to tellou the movie theater size then guess s what? gets some personal responsibility. [laughter] thank you. "fast & furious" about this very sject keep it coming because i promise we will hear from you. your chance to sound off of e regulations. six years after mohammaof the it turns the boxing business on its head. larry holmes who came after
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57 back tthe food labeling overall was just stay this is stupid ben will so companies will just pass the cost onto consumers? effendi wineries these nothing like additional ct on business to make the nanny state feel better. keep those coming. we are listening. becaus whenever a highlight that nobody else is talking the administration is talking. attorney general walter of the economic scene today identity theft and hacking are a prorobl why now? is a problem? it is so out of control the juice dert is finally giving it a look for
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a protest says it is about time with the minimum wage that businesses don't like have we missed the threat? neil: there were a little preoccupied this was just a -- definitely under their purview but they just woke up to it? >> the administration has not been overly concerned about citizens' privacy as he has been in the white house because of his polici. with the nsa if they were really concerned and member, of the government works with theseig companieshich would be hypocritical to punish target that has of privacy breach but they work with them to get information that they say are to prevent terrorism. neil: but the justice
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department says we are looking into it. i know the ir is looking into targeting conservative groups. with t state department looking at benghazi. that sounds a lot like my dad ioth think about it. you never got any answer. do they deliberately plotted out there that they are on top of it? >> i agree i don't know if they will do anything. looked across the state level they're prosecuting they don't want the fed to get involved that makes a harder to prosecute identity thieves the local level. as you have seenfrom the state level prosecution is better to get results.
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they probably need a pet project taking focus of other thingsutmaybehey have not been paying atteio becse they promote policies that encourage it in the theft whethesigning up for obamacare or fighting voter identification. neil: but there seems to be something going on here. nothing happens a. a good chuckle that's it. president obama just channeled cliff from cheers. ♪ ♪ mine was eard in korea in 1953. afghanistan, in 2009. orbiting the moon in 71. [ male announcer ] once it's eaned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level ofrotecon.
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neil: better late than never a the president acknowledges what class has spent screaming about for years. manufauring matters it is not a badthing or look down on the people who do. the star who has been saying as long as i can remember trade ills are important in trade schools are important. not that college is right for some but not for all. there is another alternate and has been talking about it mo thananyone i know. >> how are yo neil: your impreson of me is not too bad. if i go to disney world your voice is everywhere. >> eecially if you have children under 12th.
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neil: even people myage it makes the children were a. but you must be of little happy about. better late than never but the president says we have to focus on the prop training and proper skills that are chased a broad? >> but also the infrastructure. a survey ce out we are 25th in the world behind barbados. not just in manucturing but children especially are not allowed to work with their hands any more. you have to have people wo can take with the -- take care of the electrical system, ter system manufacturing is another issue. but every industry started with o person invenng
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one thingnd they usually started off as ahild tinkering. that is what i am trying to do do. to reinstate a shot glasses and home eric class's you learn how to measure, cut measure, cut, an goals, hygiene, but e time you get into math you ready have. when manufacturing disappears if they don't do something about it then be are a slave nation. neil: we tell our kids we want the best one is a machinist one fixes cars but they are doing very well and very much inemand. to get to the plumber is
8:23 pm
something we don't appreciate. but in immse society we frn at the skill set that made us a great nation. >> i spoke at a tde school in pennsylvania and of the graduates is making over $200,000 perear as a builder. a mpany in new yor, e cl1 his way to argentina to a higher vaulters. -- tohigher welders. as the manufacturing initiative is set up someone at the head to organize it to put it together give them
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the tools and some mrials that save make something. if they can then they are not qualified to set up the manufacting system the white house wants to set up. neil: but that is the prlem. neil: you have then a voice in a relentless on this and i think it is finally tipping it your way. congratulations. >> it isike warningpeople of an asteroid 20 years ago the flaming ball ll hit the earth and just now people say it is getting a little hot. [laughter] neil: john, a pleasure. thank you very much.
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>> i i have a problem getting a job then what will the hundreds o thousands the play in prison every year what will they do? theyill go back to stets. back to society. is that what we would want? somebody has to fix the system fast. neil: he hit chord. right back into his accusers face.
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in finding -- 170 million in finds, and restitution, is that not punishment? you convicted him in court. they will take a guy, in for attempted murder, doing 10 years, they let him out in 4, he then kill a cop and a civil cran that he killed in process of escaping. is it fair? no. kozlowski went to prison because he made money, he was successful, that is what the focus was 92 tonight, sandra on berndty, talking about dennis, talking about those two spent time stewing in jail. whether they could do manage more productive. either in jail or like jail. sandra, he is saying more or less, is, you know it's uneven. >> very much so. he is saying no one has experienced like i do.
8:30 pm
has been in jail, and experienced from this perspective, he says, i love he said, if i can't get a job, after being convicted and doing my time, what about the other folks, he pointed to 18 year old kids in for drug charges in for many years they come out in 30s. and so, to use these words, punishment don't fit the crime, this is too long, collateral damage, that stayed with me, how can we put these people in our world and expect them to be useful additions to our kenry and economy, if we're punishing them. the and puppishments don't fit the crime, the interview stuck with me, of all people that could do something about this system, he is in a position. neil: maybe then too, i know it should not have been new to me, but idea, in his case he is
8:31 pm
banned from a government job for life. this is what they knew, so, even they served time for the rest of their lives, they are serving time. >> right. there is no -- isn't there any punishment for which they could do the time, and the crime goes away. they are not murderers, they didn't kill anybody, they didn't rape anybody. he is bringing up what is a very valid thing in our society, that we need to -- >> a very uphill battle, they hate you from the get go. don't say we didn't warn you, j.p. morgan announcing thousands of layoffs, could the billions in government finds have anything to do with it in mostly in most gang business -- mortgage business. >> we're in business of reporting on companies, they have an obligation to improve
8:32 pm
shareholder valley, that is what jpmorgan is doing, they inquiried billions in legal costs, they are cutting costs, this not personal, they have to cut costs to improve shareholder value, neil, i thought was interesting, as i digged through the numbers, they are adding like compliance, and risk area management. neil: that would have come in handy earlier. >> sort of ironic. neil: you know a lot -- you heard, e-mail from a lot of people who are about to be laid off, they say, yeah, and jamie dimon got a $20 million pay package. >> guess what, he has run th the company, stock is up 20% over last year. >> that is by what they judge. >> yes, they are paid to be the heads of their companies, and it a very som competitive
8:33 pm
environment, jamie dimon runs it. to say they are laying off the guys and his bonuses are going up, not a fair argument 92 it is based on performance, tied to the stock price. neil: government is now saying two out of three businesses will see healthcare premium hikes under the new healthcare law, that did you not shock me. >> speaker boehner, to quote him issue saying this is another punch in the gut for americans rs already struggling under this president's economy. this is going to be younger people whose premium are going up, of the fact with new law, premiums can no longer be based on your age, younger folks will pay more, older folks likely paying less. but at the end of the day, people are paying more, period. not what we want to hear.
8:34 pm
neil: why is this a fox alert? everyone is for covering preexisting conditions, and keeping your kids on your policy, it is nirvana. >> it is not what the president told us. neil: you can expect to get that and not pay for it. >> the affordable care act is not affordable. it goes back to nancy pelosi saying, we didn't know what was in this when it got passed. >> i think they knew. sandra thank you. >> 50 years ago today. she wasn't alive, boxing changed forever. just weeks after the beatles arrived in america, a guy who floated like a butterfly, and stung like a bee, captivated and infurated america, larry holmes, the legend to remember well, the legend.
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there's this kid. coach calls her a team player. she's kind of special. she makes the whole team better. he's the kind of player that puts the puck, horsehide, bullet. t where it needs to be. coach calls it logistics. h'a great passer dependable. a winning team has to have one. somebody you can count on. somebody like my dad. this is dad. somebody like my mom. my gndfather. i'm very prod of him. her. them.
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>> comes out to me, he will end up in the ring side seats. neil: a 7-1 underdog he talked like he was the top dog. cassius clay then, stepping into ring with heavyweight loxing champ sonny liston, some sports reporter feared for his life, heiacked so much and taunted liston so much that liston would over silence him. it did not happen. cassius clay, would win that title, 50 years ago it very evening. and quickly announced he would change his name to muhammad ali he was the now a muslim. half a century ago when boxing veered dangerously close to professional wrestling for drama and theatrics some, say it was
8:39 pm
ali who prompted professional wrestling to itself get more theatrical tonight we look back on port and country one -- sport and country one loud boxer changed 50 years ago tonight, with me now, former heavyweight boxing champion of the world, larry holmes, and jim gray, from my money, the best by who ever covered boxing ever. so two champs with us. larry, to you first, i said you were the rodney dangerfield of boxing, you came after muhammad ali but the fact is that you stayed on longer as champ. only joe lewis, held that title longer, and you fought everyone, you done dodge anybody. -- you didn't dodge anybody, looking back at ali and clay ha he did then, highway he changed box -- how he changes boxing
8:40 pm
then, what do you snj. >> he did a great job. he was the martin luther king of boxy, giving opportunities and pride. as far as sonny liston, you know, i was a ali fan, all the way, i think what he did was fantastic. because i was young, i was rooting and rooting for muhammad ali. so, you know he could do no wrong in my book. neil: you were a training partner of his in. >> yes, i spaared with ali for 4 1/2 years, and he beat me up a few times, i got even with him at the end. neil: you did. >> i beat him up. neil: you did. jim gray. >> without anger. neil: jim, your contribution, someone who watched this, and analyzed it i thought, you asked the nastiest questions of fighter, i always thought someone is going to hit jim right now, i mentioned with ali he made it like, i'm not saying
8:41 pm
carnival, but, he certainly changed boxing as we knew it, and since has come to know it. we're almost disappointed after the fact. >> he was so great, and he was so much fun, neil, he made it fun for everyone. larry talked about what he did for the business, but he was also a guy that changed paradigm for all of sports, he was brash when people were not. he was the outgoing, he started all of this trash talking, and people, at the time, some were otended later they loved him, the greatest up stiewlg in the history -- institution of history of boxing and perhaps sports, he lit the torn i torch in 1996, he stood for so much, he was for social justice and change, he was proven right, there was never a guy like this, there will never be another. neil: larry, big thing, jim was talking about there, he lost his title. because he said he was not going
8:42 pm
to fight in vietnam, he said he would beat them up but not kill them, larry, what did you think as a y2k boxer in those days in that struggle, whether, he was sending mixed messages to the world in. >> well, he was sending them but i think he was doing theory thing for ha he believed in. he didn't believe in war, i think high should stan by that you know. i don't think we should go there andpite people we don't know. kill people we don't know. i mean, i think ali did the right thing, as far as boxing, he was the man. highest the man. i just arrive -- i used to ride down the street with ali, he would talk to himself, saying ha he was going to say to his opponent, he sawed say i'm bad, i'm bad, i'm pretty i'm this, and all this stuff when there was nobody in the car but us,
8:43 pm
guys that worked him. i thought he was the crazy, i thought maybe he it too many fights, maybe i should not be fighting, i might be talking to myself like that one day. i didn't want that. neil: jim, i wond ir, wonder. he would pick a round where an opponent would fall, the reporters following him, did they find him as a carnival act or what was the deal? he was changing boxing, and he put a huge pleasure on other fighters, and they could not keep up on the style front, joe frazier said, el yo uncle tom remark ta ali used. >> it was tough for joe frazier be but ali enthralled, he brought the public along, he put the rear ends in the seats, he
8:44 pm
made the career of howard cosell, where would he have been without muhammad ali. neil: i just know jim gray, who is that howard guy. larry, ask you this before. you are amazing, i wanted to know if you recented coming after someone like, that you fought that epic battle with ken norton, when they said had to fight next mandatory challenger you did, you did not avoid anybody, no tankan fights for -- no tin can fights for you, i felt you were never give up your proper respect, maybe because you came after him. >> neil, thank you for saying that, but i hope someone is listening. i became like the forgot kno forgotten fighter, but i had fun being with moment moment, fun being a sparring partner, i had
8:45 pm
fun just listening to way he said things, ali of the good at he prowl bridge the reporters with him, there -- he would bridge the eporters with him, there were guys he would pick on, like hard cosell, and howard would pick pack at him, that is why they liked him, whoever thought about a reporter, they thought about aim called him names. ali brought them along. neil: yeah. thank you so much. >> same thing with the fighters. neil: thank you both. >> same thing. >> thank you. neil: all right, i can interrupt you know,. >> appreciate it neil. neil: larry and jim thank you, 50 years ago. every thing about boxing, changed. then came that darn pay-per-view. >> anyway. 7 tax brackets. how would you like 2.
8:46 pm
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neil: do not expect the president to sign it. but it has not stopped a growing number of republicans from pushing it, two tax rates, not seven. but two. 10% and 25%, odds of that happening, i'm putting at '0%. -- about 0%, grover norquest said that is not about odds but government making a statement, what do you make of it? talking about it, now is the
8:50 pm
time. i hear that when the great ideas are mentioned then nothing happened. >> well, we should have done this a long time ago, now is not the time, it was wrong thing to do last week or last year. -e have allowed our marginal tax rates on individual side to keep up over 40% on corporate side, 35% at federal level, and 4.8% at state level. so our corporate is 40%. average. neil: you are being conservative, i think people realize surtax and he'll re-- health care related taxes we're in mid 40s here, but are right. it has been creeping up and up, and when you ask those on left, about rich paying fair share, i'm what is it?
8:51 pm
if it is not 45, or is it france at 75%, what are they after? >> more. more. >> very good. >> obama and harry reid, leader of democrats in senate from nevada, said they are not interested in looking at tax reform inplus is includes at -- unless it includes at least a trillion dollars in higher taxes, what republican ways and means chairman camp putting it ting it putting, a -- together, a revenue neutral tax reform, get to lower rates become competitive again. that we're not now. let's get less stupid than europe, not more stupid. and we could do that without raising total tax burden, that throws it back to democrats, obama has been talking, talking,
8:52 pm
talking for 5 years about fax tax reform, what we really meant is he wanted a tax increase in middle of tax reform, they want a tax increase and call it tax reform. neil: they don't' revenue neutral. >> they want a trillion dollars in higher taxes over a decade. neil: grover thank you very much. good seeing you. >> good to be with you. neil: i'm not saying that macy's is hurting, i'm saying don't be surprised if the parade goers at next thanksgiving shindig, are passing around tin cups. in the new new york, we don't back down. we only know one direction: up
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neil: in biz blitz, is ford blitzed? ditching microsoft in car technology, and hooking up with blackberry in blackberry, the company now left for dead. ford? i don't know. could beood deal but
8:56 pm
is it the right deal. i'm saying i don't know. >> i poke to ford and i spoke to blackberry 9 neitherrwould comment, but it is great for blackberry if it is strew true, they are returning this roots, a new phone with track wheel, and keyboard. bbm is popular because of facebook what's app deal. neil: what is that? >> instant messenger from back in the day. it is making a comeback, the stock up this week. neil: i think lauren is on something. >> you don't like blackberry. neil: i think this is a marriage made in hell. >> ford is hooking up with qnx which is a division of
8:57 pm
blackberry they have been in car business for years. this is. neil: this is not just a straight blackberry. >> they acquired the company's few years back, they know what they are doing, this is a vote of confidence for ford. >> well, ford has 8 million cars on road using this sink technology. probably more than any other automaker there have been a lot of complains because of the number on the road. road. >> it wasn't windows 8 was it, because that touch screen. >> i don't know. >> you might' to put a freeze on investing in retailing, macy's saying that snowy, frigid weather hitting retail sales hard, i never hear them say that the weather of terrorist was terrific.
8:58 pm
>> -- weather was terrific. >> macy's had a decent november and december, it will january when the sales fell off the map, we'll either facing much larger economy crises that consumer seems to be indicating with consumer confidence, and weak jobs numbers. maybe there is a bigger reason that people are pulling back or the weather, one or the other, we'll find out within 6 weeks. neil: i just wonder, in macy's, maybe traditional retailers get hit, if you are not ready for weather you have to get your on-line act together. >> they are, macy's cutting 2500 jobs, they are adding workers to their on-line division, they know that is where money is. yes, it is a traditional retail are. at one poin in early february coal they had 30% of their stores closed, they will take a
8:59 pm
hit, but in 6 weeks when the numbers normalize will this bad weather thaw out for this economy in a slow momentum, i think that the answer is the latter. neil: we focus on what you are focussing on tomorrow. lauren. >> december number down big time, november number down, can you blame it on weather. january is expected to be bad, not snowing in california. neil: you know, sales are not up to snuff. >> what do you look at? >> new home sales, new home sales are huge multiplier effect for the economy, you have construct, and fridge, and function -- turn furniture. you see a big impact. neil: people never factor that in when you buy a house.
9:00 pm
>> or furnish it. neil: thank you both. that is it, we'll have more on this and those numbers, mannana. kennedy: how far does freedom extent, should you have the right to marry whom ever you choose, regardless of gender, should you have the right to deny service to someone you disagree with? the way i see it, if you don't want to serve gays, you think you have liberty 5 make choices. if you are keeping people out of your restaurant based on your right they must extend to those who want to marry e. it can you have it both ways. welcome to "the


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